Youtube video doesn't show

I have added a video from our Youtube channel in the BSS video component. Everything looks fine in BSS, but when I try Preview mode it doesn’t show at all. I have tried ‘Exporting’ and it doesn’t show there either.
I can’t find anything wrong. I asked chatGPT and followed all the solution possibilities it gave. Anybody has an idea on solution for this problem?

There are many posts here on the forum explaining this, there are also two video components in BSS, one is the Embedded video.

It would be great to have a link to the website you published.

What is the actual YouTube URL for the video, so we can try and reproduce the problem? Post the link here.

Is the video perhaps set to “private”?

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Thank you for reaching out :wave: the video isn’t private
This is the video url:

Thank you, I’ll look through the forum again :+1:
I did try the embedded video as well, and one I downloaded in BSS. But neither seems to do the trick.
I’ll just continue reading through the forum for now. This is the page where I wanted to add the video: Guru2 - Aircraft Performance Calculator - Flygprestanda. We already have a video on that page, what I am trying to add is our video from YT.

Maybe it will help you.

See the comment from @kuligaposten

If you want to see the html video when preview the page you need to set the source of the video to

A shot in the dark mode… Hubspot Cookies and nice use of vstack and hstack by the way…

Also good reading…Embed YouTube videos without cookies

Seems to work for me.

I created a new website, dropped in a responsive embed component and set the Source URL to the following (copied from your YouTube page):

Here’s a screen grab of the program with the video showing in the workspace, and the video showing in the preview window in Chrome browser.

YouTube embeds have their own JS that runs, maybe check nothing is interfering with that, and it’s loading in the correct order