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Hello everyone. The score drops significantly when I include a youtube video in my design. What is the reason for this and is there a solution?

How are you embedding the video? Post the link to your website so we can look at it.

Try using the Component I created which is in the online library called Youtube Video Lazyload 2020

I am adding a video component and pasting the youtube link in the url part. Is there something I did wrong?


The image did not come through in your post. If you want help, post the link to your website so we can see what you’re doing.

I’m sending an image The javascript generated as a result of this process is perceived by as a very unnecessary load. score drops a lot

Uploading: Adsız.png…

This link redirects to this website…

There is no video on this website.

Your image link does not work. You don’t have to link to an image. Just copy and paste your image right into your post.

What is your website URL?

Pagespeed will often complain about unnecessary JS generated by Google’s own services (YouTube, reCAPTCHA, etc.) Welcome to the crazy world of Google SEO, where they encourage you to get rid of unnecessary JS bloat, and then create products they insist you use on your websites that are full of JS bloat!

As I said, you can use the component I created to lazy-load your YouTube video, and avoid a pagespeed hit. Go into the BSS online component library and search for Youtube Video Lazyload 2020. Add the component to your BSS and add it to the page. Then edit the custom code Component with your own video’s URL. The video will not load until you click the start button, and you won’t get a speed hit.

I am sad. I made a mistake. Google web development tools.

I know what pagespeed insights is. The link to the pagespeed website page is of no use to us.

To help you figure out why your pagespeed score is dropping drastically when you include a YouTube video in your website, we need to SEE YOUR WEBSITE. We can’t help you solve a problem on your website if we can’t look at the code.

Here is three examples of YouTube players. One with the YouTube’s iframe api and two other without the iframe api. One of the examples has the iframe on the page which has a lower pagespeed result the other two create the iframe on the fly when clicking the play button. Those has a good pagespeed result near 100 on mobile

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