YouTube video link error in all browser

Hello. I built a site using bootstrap studio and recently have been encountering an error with my YouTube video links.

When I first published the site about a month ago, all video links from YouTube worked amazingly. I just went in to update a few images not related to the videos, and upon publishing the site to reflect the updates, my videos no longer work properly. I get the error message “An error occurred. Please try again later.”

I built the site starting from one of the portfolio templates with modals. The videos are within the modals as follows; ‘modal > modal body > container > row > column’ and then all my images, videos, and text are within that column. From there, I added a row with two columns, one for each video, and within the columns there is a div that alas hold a responsive embed with the video links.

The videos are found within the modals for the first 4 projects in the Portfolio section; Launch Rebrand, Franchise Sales, Gift Card Campaign, Marketing Projects.

I have tried clearing my browser cache. I re installed Chrome. No matter what I do, the video show up fine within the Bootstrap Studio software, but will not show up within Chrome or Safari.

Worth mentioning - I just checked it on my mother’s laptop, and the videos display fine? Adding to my confusion, haha. I have a 15in Macbook Pro 2019 running Mac os Monterey version 12.4. Chrome and Safari just wont display these videos for me anymore.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

The videos show up in Chrome browser on my Windows 7 machine with no issues.

Since they’re showing up on other computers, and in Bootstrap Studio, it’s seems likely that it’s an issue with your browser(s) or computer. Perhaps a firewall or anti-virus issue?

FYI - your videos continue to play even after you close the modal. Something here may help…

Bootstrap Studio Support reached out and helped me solve this. I had used embed links, and with recent updates to BSS this was causing a bug.

The solution was too swap out embed links with watch links and boom! perfect. Thank you to Bootstrap Studio.

Thank you for the reply! I did notice the videos continued playing after closing. Fortunately, they are pretty short.

I was not too concerned about it, but I am gonna look into fixing it now that you provided that info. Appreciate it!