Zipped .bsdesign files get corrupted when zipped/unzipped

Why is this happening? When I compress a .bsdesign file and uncompress it and try to open it, it is always corrupted.

U can avoid corruption with 7zip and some specific settings, but overall u shouldnt try to do anything with bssdesign files since its like already zip’d file, there has been few threads about it in the past, u can read about it on the forum

A bsdesign is actually a compressed JSON file with a different extension. When you add it to a zip, you get a compressed file inside a compressed file. It’s possible that the archive manager that you use tries to be too smart and when you tell it to extract the bsdesign from the zip it decompress both the zip and the contents of the bsdesign.

As a result you get a textual JSON file with a bsdesign extension and no compression, which the app considers to be invalid and complains it has been corrupted.

We will fix this in our next updates by adding support for such uncompressed bsdesign files so the app will still be able to open them.

Update: The new Bootstrap Studio 6.0.2 can open uncompressed bsdesigns, so this issue should be resolved from now on.


Lovely Martin! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart: Cant wait!