About localized currency in Reflow: position and precision

In Reflow, we can choose the currency sign (e.g. €), but not the position of this sign (e.g. €50.00). In France, for example, the sign is placed after the value (e.g. 50 EUR or 50 €), while it’s before in most English-oriented countries.

Also, in the same spirit, it’s not always usual to display two digits of precision when it’s “.00”; in most (not all) stores in France, when it’s 50€, we don’t indicate “.00”. So, we could choose the level of precision or decide about the behavior in case of a product without cents.

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We will be adding support for localization and translations of the Reflow toolkit in the next couple of months. It will handle both text strings as well as things like currencies, formats and dates. We have quite a few high priority features to ship before then though.


Cool! I was close to open a new thread talking about localization :slight_smile: For now, I’m hacking the elements I can target by class, id or path, but it’s a little nightmare… Happy it’s in your roadmap.