Add flags in icon List

Hello, bss developers,

I want to offer a suggestion to add the option of adding the flags of countries as icons, as well as importing svg files from an external as an icon
And also if can other libraries can be added manually
ex : Like

and if you can add an option to build our custom plugins

Finally, its a great honor to be one of bss’s community

Thank you

And also if can other libraries can be added manually

That is possible, you just link an external file or download the file to your computer and then upload it to the bootstrap studio builder.

On the github to the project you linked, you see where it says “or use a CDN”. That’s all you need.
See image

You can link external css by right clicking the css on the lower right in the panel, and then click link external css, put in the link and add.

and if you can add an option to build our custom plugins
You can just make a javscript or css library and you have yourself a plugin.

Welcome to the community!

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Yes, I know by this feature what I meant is that the list of external icons is merged into the icon Choose an Icon menu
And there is a small button to quickly extract from the same window

As well as creating a special list if possible, and it contains files in the form of svg or CSS

And what I meant to develop plugins is to provide an SDK for community. We create plugins for the program to add completely new features.

thank for replay


+1 and I’m sure many others would love to see this happen, especially those that have paid for pro versions of them and cannot use them in BSS.


I like this idea. I’ve become a huge fan of SVG images. They support transparency and look significantly better than PNGs on small screens, plus they can easily be resized larger without any increase in file size or loss of quality. Even when you shrink a PNG smaller than its native resolution, it sometimes loses clarity, especially with small text)_

As a temp work-around, you can download flag svg icons from 3rd party sources like these.

There are tons of free SVG sites like the three I listed.

Of course, you can only use SVG files in BSS as images. Organize them into folders on your computer and import them into folders in BSS. Then just browse that folder. Not that much different from browsing icons. It’s not quite as seamless as using the Icon component, but it works okay, especially if you organize all your SVGs as you like them.

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Also, as long as we’re on the subject of icons, you might be interested in this post I made some time ago. I’m really hoping the devs implement this in an upcoming release (especially since Martin commented that he liked idea. I recently gave the post a bump. Maybe some more people commenting on it will encourage the devs to work on it.


Thank you, brother, for your reply and follow-up.
I have no problem using the program in all respects
I just want to develop the program more because I am fond of it
So I’m talking about adding the SDK to develop new plugins