Bootstrap Studio is sluggish (slow)

I’m seeing some really slow responsiveness to Bootstrap studio when trying to switch between different pages and right clicking on html elements. I’m able to reproduce this issue on a 2021 MacBook Air and my Ubuntu machine (Ryzen 3600 machine). I’ve attached the bsdesign file that I use and have a similar problem when working with other files that have images recently:

I’ve also attached a gif animation of the slowness that I’ve seen with CPU usage of my PC when performing these actions:

For the images used in this bsdesign file, they are only 50~60kb large so I’m not expecting these to have much impact on performance.

I downloaded it. Fast. I have no problem with it…

Thank you for sending a test bsdesign and the gif! I can’t reproduce the slow down, which is strange given that you’ve experienced it on two separate computers.

I have a few questions:

  • Does it occur immediately after a fresh restart of the application or does it need to have been running for a while?
  • How many custom components (in the User folder) do you have?
  • Can you try resetting the app to a fresh state by deleting the bstudio folder?

Hi Martin and DGDufi thanks so much for getting back to me about this. I don’t think I’ve installed many custom user components. In the end, I followed the procedure to reset the installation of bootstrap studio and that did the trick.

  • The problem seems to have happened even after a fresh restart and I found that it had a similar problem when I opened other bsdesign files too
  • For custom components, I don’t download many, I probably had about < 10 at the time

I noticed this slowness when I added some large images from unsplash, at first the images I added were rather large (3000x4000 px) but found comments that shrinking them down would help improve performance. Maybe there was something cached that might have impacted things, I’m not quite sure.

When you start BSS, look at the running processes in the task manager.

I used to have a problem running another program in the background.

Scan your computer’s status, update drivers and outdated applications.

Unfortunately, I was unable to reproduce the error you mentioned.

Use the application below to update your drivers and block unnecessary running processes with a single click.

For example: Driver Booster 9 Free: Official Free Driver Updater Tool for Windows 2021

I don’t have a better idea yet … :frowning:

Hey, I often notice a slowdown when I work long at BSS with a project.

Sometimes the slowdown occurs after 5-10 minutes, sometimes after an hour.

My work characteristics:

  • Bootstrap CSS compilation from SCSS files
  • I use linked components between layout pages
  • I turn online preview on and off many times

I don’t use custom components at all

It seems to come slowdown earlier if I open multiple .bsdesign projects at once.
Even if I leave one active and close the rest of them, BSS is still slow…

My config:

  • MacBook Pro 2015 13" (Core i5 2.7 GHZ, 8 GB RAM)
  • macOS Monterey 12.1
  • Bootstrap Studio 6.0.1

I can concur that on my Mac I also have issues with slowing and even times when the page goes gray and actually saves it that way. Thankfully I have the backups turned on so I can restore it fairly easy enough, but definitely shouldn’t have to. I’ve learned that Ctrl/Cmd+S is my best friend these days lol.

I’ve had other issues with shutting down projects (still have that issue) where sometimes it will shut it down, but takes about a minute or 2, and sometimes I just have to close the app itself).

I too have issues happen sooner and more laggy when I have more than 1 project open at a time. I don’t do that too often so it’s not all that bad for me, but I would do it more often if it weren’t an issue with slowness.

What I will say is this is mostly with a single project that I’ve been working on for a little while to upgrade (basically redid it from scratch) from BS 2.3 to BS 5 and it’s a lot of pages (well to me it’s a lot at around 35) which I think might contribute to it. I also do have the jQuery turned on in case that matters due to a script that needs it until such a time that I find a replacement.

My config:

  • Mac Mini M1, 2020 (8 Core, 16gb Ram)
  • Chip Apple M1

Hopefully we’ll get some love on this at some point. :slight_smile: