Change .html extension to .php Solved

Hello Everyone, Here is a batch script that will change your .html pages to .php on export, just make a batch file called "change-to-php.bat" and put this code into it, then in the BSS Export Settings click the Advanced section and browse for the file "change-to-php.bat" and link it to your project. After this all your pages will be changed to .php after export. Also note that if you are going to make your website exclusively php you will have to put those links in your navigation and other places too. Example: index.php, about.php, blog.php etc. Also note that on first export and error file will be created in the directory, go a head and delete it, and on next export it should not be there. Disclaimer: Use at your own risk.

    @ECHO  OFF
cd %1
del *.php
ren *.html *.php


Thanks very much!