Forum Rule Update / Moderators

Hi BSS Devs

I wonder if its time for a review of the forum rules: Important Forum Rules to include items surrounding your views on selling of BSS design files/ developer services within the community etc as there are lots of opinions on what should/shouldn’t be posted in the forum so would be good to clarify if deemed necessary.

Also think it might be a good idea to allow users to “move posts” if they are created in the wrong sections or appoint some moderators to help police the forum whilst you are busy developing the app who can move posts.

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I believe only certain members have access to move posts and threads within Discourse. Though the search feature will find any intelligible content regardless of its location. :wink:

Given that people need to own BSS to register and use the forum. This is already one of the most low key forums I’ve seen regarding normal forum issues. What seems to pollute and disrupt the forum and threads the most is all the non-related banter amongst members trying to self police things that really don’t need discussed or dealt with in the first place really.

Seems more about human nature and everyone doing better as adults than needing to add recess supervisors. I dread the day we officially elect people and go full-on ‘Lord of the Flies’ around here given the silliness that already seems to take place.

If we stop the nonsensical banter and just focus on the app and web dev. Then as all paying users of the app and forum, whats really left to moderate?


@martin ?


Valid points that I agree with :+1:

No one wants the forum to turn into a marketplace so we will have to strike a balance. Mentioning one’s templates/services is ok when it is relevant to the discussion.

As for the Showcase category, a good rule for now would be to not allow marketing type posts that lead to paid only content. If this starts becoming a problem, we will codify it in the Important Forum Rules.

I think that moderation should be our job, especially for a forum this small. If you notice something out of place, flag it, and someone on the team will review it as time permits.

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Thanks for the clarification Martin :+1: