Important Forum Rules

Welcome to the Bootstrap Studio community forum! Here users learn, share ideas and give feedback to the app developers. We’re happy that you’ve decided to join!

Some important rules:

  • The forum is not a place for customer support. If you’ve lost your license key, have problems with your install, or need urgent assistance from the developers, write to us directly here.
  • Search before posting. We’ve discussed a lot of topics already, and it’s likely your question has already been answered.
  • Follow the Tutorials and Videos. If you’re new to the program and are having difficulties, you can check out the tutorials and video guides here.
  • Choose the right category. For questions, we have two dedicated categories:
    • Webdesign Help is where you can ask for general web development questions (examples: issues with responsiveness, styling, JavaScript etc)
    • Bootstrap Studio Help is where you ask for questions related to the app (everything that doesn’t belong in Webdesign Help).

Thank you for helping us make Bootstrap Studio better!