How to Design Email Template and Newsletter in Bootstrap Studio

How to Design Email Template and Newsletter in Bootstrap Studio. if anyone know about that please send me tutorial/manual/help paper. I’ll appreciate.

I doubt very much you will be able to use BSS for that purpose. The reason being is that email templates are still using the outdated forms of code setups and a lot of inline styling yet. You would most likely end up having to do it all in the code manually by adding a Custom Code block with the entire code in it that you want to use. Of course, that would defeat the purpose of using BSS as you would lose all styilng and setup abilities within the app settings.

If you followed all that, Kudos to you lol. Truly you would be better using for email marketing.

actually i want some templates as for Email Signatures. and dont want any extra money to spend, so please refer me some tutorial/manual… if you can. anyway thanks for you opinion.

As I said, I don’t believe you’ll get what you need with this app. There is no tutorial for email templates for this app. It’s not made for them it’s made for websites and the coding is different than email settings are.

Mailchimp is free for at least up to 2k contacts and up to 10k email sends per month. If you’re doing more than that, you’re probably spamming and I don’t refer to other ways for that. Or, you’re a bigger business and you need to spend the money and get the tools you need rather than trying to get others to do your work for you and tell you how to do it. Go learn how email campaigns are set up and do them, or use the free or paid version of the services out there such as Mailchimp or Constant Contact. That’s about all you’re going to find here, this isn’t the type of software you need for email campaigns.

There are no tutorials I am aware of for designing any kind of templates for mailers or newsletters in Bootstrap Studio. Bootstrap Studio does not even support “templates” in the traditional sense. It is a program for website development, not mass email marketing. There is no way to integrate e-mail list databases, etc.

Companies like MailChimp and Constant Contact are the types of places you would find those sorts of things. You’ll probably have better luck searching on Google for answers to your questions than in the Bootstrap Studio Forum.


Even in 2020, email creation still requires an entirely different approach.

To get an idea why Bootstrap Studio is not made for emails and why Bootstrap itself is not made for emails, have a look at the below page. Click the “HTML button” on the right side, now compare the output on the two sides. It should then become readily apparent why Bootstrap Studio and the Bootstrap framework were never intended for email creation natively.

Maybe that tool will help you cobble something together if you want to use Bootstrap since that is the objective of the project.

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thanks a lot (bss_user)

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