I paid but still no license help

So this is what happened, first i made the transaction and for some reason the transaction got declined. But after a few minutes it automatically processed the transaction without my consent. Now i have been waiting for a couple of hours for my license but yet i see no response from the bootstrapstudio team. Help!

What do you expect the forum users to do for you? Contact support and wait for their answer.

Been 7 hours since i contacted them, thought posting in forum might get their attention.

Same here I paid and I got following email

"Hi there, You recently placed an order for Bootstrap Studio via Paddle. During the order process, our automated system noticed a few characteristics of the order that mean that we need to manually review it before we can process the order further. This process typically takes less than an hour, and no further action is required on your part. Don't worry, we haven't yet charged your card for the order. Once we complete our review, we'll process the transaction and your product will be delivered to you instantly via email. We operate this process to protect awesome customers like you from potential fraud. Thanks, The Paddle.com Team"

But money got debited from my bank account and its been 3 hours still I didn't receive the license key and I wrote to their support and no response from there end too?

@kaviarasan Atleast you got some mail, i did not even receive this email. nothing at all.

Bad luck. Hope we get license and I seems no proper response from there end.

feel like I lost the money.

Check your spam

@kaviarasan well i am gonna wait a full 24 hours now, seems as there is no other option left for me.

Also my spam folder is empty. So no their mail did not end up in spam.

@leointeractives Maybe its weekend and bootstrap team might process every license key manually. So we need to wait till Monday for them to return to office.

@kaviarasani hope that is the case.


I haven't received my license It can take up to 10 minutes for your license to arrive. We need to validate your payment first. If you still don't receive it, and if the message is not in your spam folder, it might indicate that you have had a typo in your email address when purchasing. Write to us and we will resolve it. Please include an alternative email address in your message, in case your server is blocking us.

I think you might have entered wrong mail ID.

Well i wrote to them, if that is the case hopefully they ll help me solve it.


@Twinstream I tried but it says : "We can't find this email address in our database." So my guess is i am helpless without the developer's support.

@leointeractives Please keep me updated if get license or a response from there team. Thx

Guys give them a little time, could be they are in a different part of the world than you are and when you ordered it may have been night time and they were sleeping. Most especially if it was saying they had to manually review the order. Trust me, they will get to you and you will be glad they did. Just have a little patience and realize that not all computer setups are perfect, and not all are 100% instant and automatic.

I got my license and the invoice merely after 6 hours.

@Jo yep, waiting the weekend i guess @kaviarasan Well its been about 14 hours for me, lets see when and if they reply


Do not know what caused the transaction to fail and then autoprocess, but the team just got in touch and i received my license key. I feel relieved now.

Glad to hear it, they are usually very good with this, but sometimes systems glitch and that makes us have to wait. It will be worth the wait though. Enjoy! :)