Live chat integration

I am wondering whether there are Live Chat integration solution already available into BSS, i know third party live chat services are out there but don’t know how practical it is to integrate them into BSS. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Apology if this has been already asked or if it is in the wrong place, i did attempt to search before.

The majority of the third party chat services usually require just one line of code, or sometimes a js file, so integration is very easy. Of course all the styling is on the services backend (usually only on the paid plans) so nothing can be styled externally. I was experimenting with “Tawk” a few weeks ago. Seems quite good, the client decided against it in the end.

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Thank you @richards for the feedback, i just tried Tawk and it is surprisingly simple and straightforward. the free version seems to satisfy my need for the moment. Thank you so much!

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There’s definitely no built-in chat feature in BSS. There are dozens of paid (and a few free services - with limitations) out there. I would recommend being judicious in your selection. Many chat services will slow your page load down significantly, or use code that doesn’t validate, or not permit you to do any styling to the widget. I find many of them to be intrusive, actually detracting from the UX.

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Thank you @printninja that is Interesting i did not think about the loading time at all, have you tried Tawk, what do you think?

I saw this when searching for a solution code for a live chat but if there is a solution that doesn’t require me to go outside BSS and does not require steep learning curve i would definitely try it.

I have managed to create one website so far and i am quite happy with it for someone who cannot code

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@karatrick your website looks amazing, congratulations. One thing the tawk code needs to go at the bottom of the page just below the < /body > tag, this may help with pageloads.

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Thanks @richards how do i put it below the < / body > tag, the way i did there i just pasted the code into the head content box inside BSS settings.

I would use a custom code with the script and make it the last component in the page, then link it to all other pages

Unfortunately, @richards method is the only way at this time to add code at the end of the HTML in BSS.

I requested this feature many months ago here (even created an image showing a potential interface, which seems quite simple to me.)

But so far, the devs have only given us the ability to add at the beginning or end of the head section. It’s kind of frustrating because the location of added code affects how your page scores on Google’s Page Speed Insights.

Guess I’ll give the post another bump.

I don’t use chatbots on any of my websites (except one, but the client gave us the code.) I should look into it as a feature because I’m sure at some point I will get a client who’ll request a chatbot.

Your website looks good, but the page load speed is rather slow. You’ve got image resolution issues, and some other minor issues that are affecting your SEO, Accessibility and Best Practices.

No canonical tag set
You have three <h1> tags (you should only have one.)
Your headings are not in descending order
You’ve got 14 images missing alt tags
You have no sitemap
You have no language declared
You’re not using any analytics to monitor the site’s traffic
Your links have no titles
Your external links are unsafe (need to add 'rel=“noopener”) via the Attributes panel
You’re using an outdated version of Jquery

Load the website in Chrome in an incognito window and use the F12 Developer Tools to run Lighthouse to see all the issues that need to be fixed.

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Woaw, Thanks for the free consultation I really appreciate, i was not aware of any of these issues, i sometimes get a notification on readability and mobile compatibility but don’t bother looking into those since i have little knowledge on how to address them. I will try to educate myself on the points and see if i can fix them. :pray:t5:

@printninja has got me obsessed with Lighthouse this evening.

adding the following js pushed the performance on my test page from 65 up to 80

document.onreadystatechange = function(event) {
    if (document.readyState === "complete") {
var tag = document.createElement("script");
tag.src = "//changeThisToTheTawkFile.js";


It simply waits for the whole page to finish loading and then loads the tawk file.

Hope this helps