Mail Studio is Coming

Hey guys!

I have some good news to share. Over the past year we’ve been working on a sister app of Bootstrap Studio. It’s called Mail Studio ( and is a desktop application for designing responsive emails.

Both applications are built from the same codebase, and share almost all of their functionality. This makes the code easy to maintain, and building a feature for one of the apps makes it available for the other.

You will notice that Mail Studio has a different pricing model - it is subscription based. This is necessary because the app depends on a lot of cloud features like cloud saves, sending email previews and syncing with email providers, which are not possible to provide with a one-time purchase.

This won’t affect Bootstrap Studio in any way - we are committed to always keep it as a one time purchase that you buy once and use forever.

Something that you will love to hear is that we wrote comprehensive documentation for Mail Studio, which we will be porting to Bootstrap Studio this month.

We will announce Mail Studio in a newsletter next week. We are sharing it here today to give forum members an early preview.

We would love to hear your feedback and questions!


mail studio is bootstrap studio + email design and server for smtp plugin?

This sounds great - I look forward to reading up about it later this evening :sunglasses::+1:

Edit- just had a look over the new site and the user guides and think that mail studio user guidance is great, and I’m sure BSS users will like when you port for use on these forums.

Sounds great and I’m sure many will get good use of this. A bit of a steep price for something we can all do for free on Mailchimp though, just sayin. Granted it’s a software app rather than an online email builder, but … just my side of it. Will be interesting to browse around it though, looks pretty much like BSS.

Mail chimp has subscriptions plans so hardly free Jo.

I’m sure the product will be great to have full control over email templates.

I’m also wonder if due to the fact that mail studio will have “team components” will that also become available for BSS given recent forum posts? @Martin is that a possibility to share functionality?

It’s possible, but this involves having a control panel for inviting team members, user registrations, hosting and syncing said components. This is a feature that is only possible with a subscription fee, so we can’t bring it to Bootstrap Studio.

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Thanks for confirming my suspicions. If there was a user base willing to pay for a subscription service it would be great, but for those who are sole developers they can use the standard pricing method.

I’ll stop hi jacking this post now :rofl::+1:

I have been testing Mail Studio for about 4 hours with your samples. I have not been able to get a responsive email to view correctly in a smart phone. Is it too soon to be working correctly?

Can you can send screenshots to

Interesting. Are there any live examples to look at? Does it use Bootstrap Email under the hood, like mentioned here previously?

Screenshots have been sent.

My interest lies in the Health and Voluntary Community Services sector and for us, one-off purchase is the better way to go – paid for via charitable donation. As you know there are a couple of apps usable on this basis (just one example CC ED $129) – some options even free — but primarily used using other website development programs so …