Options from Startup Window

It would be really cool if there was an options to drag and move the project icons around the main splash window effectively changing the order for recently opened sites. Maybe even allow folders within this area as well for better organisation. Just ideas.

Thank your suggestion! The main problem that I see is that the projects on the main screen are sorted according to the last open date, and only several dozen are kept in the list. As you create more designs, over time the oldest ones are removed from the list.

A UI that lets the user rearrange items and organize them into folders is suitable for something like a cloud drive with permanent storage, but for items that can disappear at any time it will lead to confusion.

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I made a similar suggestion some time ago. I’d still like to see the Bootstrap version added to the thumbnails.


So I totally understand your concern about the transient nature of projects on the main screen and how a more complex organisation system might lead to confusion if projects are automatically removed over time.

I am still of a mind that offering users more control over how they organise their projects could significantly enhance their overall experience with Bootstrap Studio. Even with the current system of project rotation based on the last open date, the ability to reorder and organise projects can still provide immediate, short-term benefits in terms of usability and efficiency. Maybe something like:

  1. Clear Indication of Project Removal: Implement a system where users are alerted when a project is about to be removed from the main screen, possibly with an option to ‘pin’ a certain number of important projects to prevent automatic removal.

  2. Temporary Folders: Allow users to create temporary folders that exist as long as any of the projects within them are still on the main screen. This would help users who are working on multiple projects simultaneously to keep them organised without creating confusion when projects are removed.

  3. Manual Refresh Option: Provide an option for users to manually refresh the project list based on the last open date. This could be a compromise between automatic removal and user-controlled organisation.

These features would give users a sense of control and personalisation while using the software, enhancing their interaction without significantly altering the fundamental way the project list operates.

I wonder if adopting these attributes could make Bootstrap Studio even more user-friendly and efficient, especially for those juggling multiple projects.

Food for thought.


Pinning designs is a good idea. We will add this in our next update. We will also show the Bootstrap version used and last modified date for each design.

I am still skeptical about having folder organization though. We’ll wait until we collect more feedback from other users before committing to this feature.


Love the idea of pinning and the addition of date and version should be all that is needed. I change my project names & version numbers manually with number increments each time I edit them mostly because I don’t know how to do it any other way lol, so folders for me really would not help any since I’d be changing them all the time.

Love these ideas though!