Remove dark mode ?


I am not a dark mode fan and currently my eyes are suffering too much with this option. I didn't see where to change it. Any tip ?

Thank you.

There is no tip, there are no "themes" for the app itself, it's dark and that's all there is at this time. I don't know if they plan to skin this app for us in the future or not. Get some glasses for your suffering eyes maybe? I wear computer glasses and work with the app sometimes 10 hours at a time, and I have no issues with my eyes suffering. Just a thought :) Hopefully they will skin the app someday though, as you're not the only person to have asked for this option.

Thank you. I have glasses and dark mode is hurting my eyes. Maybe because I never use it. And it doesn't please me. I think they have interest to remove this scheme of color. Not at the taste of everybody.

I agree, it would be nice if the software did allow you to adjust the UI color, but we're also desperately waiting for the ability to be able to float panels and use multiple monitors, so maybe it will all come at once one day? (Hello devs... hint... hint... anyone listening :-)

I agree, having themes would be a good addition to the app. We have quite a lot of work before we get there though. In terms of UI detachable panels will take priority as they are have been heavily requested. This should happen in one of the 5.x releases in the coming months. We're getting there :)