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So, off the bat let me know if this is or is not OK as I’ve added a Tip Jar and that may go against site etiquette.

I’ve created a couple of Responsive Client Grids, nothing to fancy and editable in Bootstrap Studio for anyone who feels one of them may suit their project. They’re free to download and no pressure on the tip jar. Would be happy with some feedback as well, as I’m still somewhat new to this app.

Anyway, have a look and hopefully use.


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This is most definitely not the place for asking for people to pay you or tip you for things you have created when you are somewhat new to the app. Just sayin’.

Secondly there is an online components area within the app for sharing your components with others. This isn’t a place to sell your wares, it’s a place to share your experiences, sites, etc. If you want to share your components you can do so within the app in the Online Components area. This isn’t a place for people to sell their wares. Just my opinion of course.

P.S. Nice grids though :slight_smile:

Hey Jo, with the greatest of respect my original post was me being totally transparent about the link and the contents of the post and, was more about me looking to ‘showcase’ the responsive grids and not sell them, sorry if I did not make this very clear.

The tip jar is something I added with a view to sharing on social media and more geared toward those using Bootstrap Studio in their commercial projects, who may have thought the grids (if used) worthy of some recompense for work done. That said, they’re still free, absolutely no pressure to ‘Pay’.

If the powers that be feel I have overstepped forum policy, I am more than happy to remove the post.

P.S. Thanks for liking the grids though :wink:

There is no policy really and I didn’t see anything wrong with your post if I’m honest. The show case section is for users to showcase things that are built using the BSS app (which I interpret as component design or fully fledged websites that are live) so I don’t see any issue with someone sharing a design like Kirby has done and then also maybe reference them as a download on his own website or added to the online component library directly.


The showcase area is for showing your BSS work, and contributing to the community. It’s not for “gigging” (which is all a “tip jar” is, even if you state up front that it’s totally voluntary.)

That’s my opinion. Once one person starts doing it, then others will, and then it’s no longer a showcase, it’s a place where people start thinking, “hey maybe I can earn some extra scratch.”

Of course, the devs have the final say on this, but I agree with @jo-r. Not appropriate.

That is my fear as well, that this forum will end up being a marketplace of spammers trying to make money off of their products instead of a showcase. Want to make money off your products? That’s what making your own website is for, and Facebook and all the other myriads of marketplaces on the web. I for one would just end up totally ignoring this forum (and any others should it become an overflow of people spamming all the threads and a handful of us constantly telling people to post here without having any ability to clean it up. No thanks.

Boy, tough crowd, I’m seeing the digital tomatoes splat against the inside of my screen already :wink:

Anyway, if you can put your feelings in regards of the ‘tip jar’ aside (which was never directed at anyone within the forum anyway, and was only part a page I was going to link to via other outlets) and get back onto the ‘showcase’ side of things what did you actually think to the responsive BBS client grids I’d created?

Peace and love :wink:

Do people also get this up in arms about subtle tip jars in coffee shops and eateries that are zero pressure if they choose not to? Always so tense around here. :laughing:

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I did say I liked the grids lol. Pretty and precise all in one package so that’s pretty nice. Thanks for the share in the online components as well :slight_smile:

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This is why forums need to be moderated, and have a written set of rules. I’ve seen what happens to forums when they forgo these things.

(Kind of the way software should have a comprehensive, up-to-date user-guide. :no_mouth: )

No one has broken a rule on this thread/section though PN :man_shrugging:

The showcase category states it’s for sharing cool websites or projects built with the app.

The OP did just that (with the addition of a tip jar that is not mandatory).

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Screenshot 2021-03-25 at 10.20.58

^^^^ This is what the showcase section says which is how I came to my conclusion that what OP posted wasn’t breaking any rules.

The BSS devs are the only moderators in this forum and can wade in whenever they like to police the forum if they need to (and have previously).

The fact the devs don’t/haven’t wade in on this subject makes me think it’s ok in their eyes :face_with_monocle: , but lately I have observed that you seem to be on a mission to try and tell everyone what to do because you don’t agree with something or someone has posted in wrong section, shouldn’t be asking in the forum, which I can see is ruffling feathers (as is my challenging your views on this subject based on your deleted reply).

Members in this community will always have a difference of opinion in an internet forum with no defined rules/goverance, but until said rules/guidance are published by the devs (or forum moderators appointed to help moderate content when devs can’t), lets not try and flame people or tell them what and where to post.

Here are the current rules for forum which I’ve raised and idea to review: Important Forum Rules


Let me be clear that my intentions were never to garner an income from within the forum, I was looking for feedback on work done within a very cool piece of kit, hence my full disclosure from the start.
If my post gave some the wrong impression, then my apologies to you.

That said, the thought processes that some have chosen to run with has possibly totally undermined the very purpose of the ‘Showcase’ section, let’s make no mistake that any design work placed within the ‘Showcase’ section could be implied (albeit subliminally) as advertising, which intern ‘could’ potentially result in paid work.

Anyway, that’s me off my soap box, I have now edited the original design in the hope of reducing the stress levels and inducing inner peace, we’re all living in time that we could do with some of that :wink:

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Great job on the design, @kirbyhowarth! I see no problem with the tip jar, you are providing the bsdesigns freely.

In case anyone sees a post that they think doesn’t belong here (or has other concerns) they can flag it and we’ll review it.


Thanks Martin, appreciate that and kudos to you and the team for a great piece of software that gives the likes of me and others a platform to create our cool designs.