Superscript and Subscript

Is there a way to add superscript and subscript to my text?

No offense, but have you even looked at the panels of the app yet? The Studio panel (top left of the app) has everything you need for this and much more. Browse around a bit and check things out before posting if you would please. This one was a .05 second find for me, so should be pretty easy for you to find it.

Don’t feel bad @tyl028 others have struggled with it also. You can see from the above linked thread that it was only added in v5.


Some users may instead expect to find those in the top text Edit bar. Or even in the Appearance or Options Tabs. But they are actually components that you need drag to the page as well.


Yep it has, and that was a year ago already. It was a very easy thing to find since it’s right there in the text section. If you were aiming to make me look bad due to my being the one asking about it before that’s not happening. It was my asking that got it added, so yeah, a year ago now. People just need to look around the app before asking questions is all. I did, everywhere, that’s why I posted it a year ago. Now it’s there and extremely easy to find …

I do agree on the text editor bar though (that was my first obvious place to look back then too). It would be really good to have that there and automatically set up to apply it to text that is highlighted (basically like most text editors do, wrap the code around the highlighted selection). I mean, they do it for Bold, Underline etc. why not this? Of course, I’m of the mind that anything that is a toggle for text should be in the text editor of every app. But yeah, that’s gonna happen lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

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There are a lot of Forum members (regulars even) who don’t realize just how many features the devs have added to BSS over the last two years based on suggestions from you and me. I mean, yeah, there’s certainly a machiavellian element to it (we both get things we want) but everyone else who uses the program also benefits as a result of our intense use of the software to make our livings, and thinking of things that would make our jobs easier.

I just did a real quick look through the topics I’ve posted in the Ideas category, and at least a dozen of my suggestions have been incorporated into the program. I’m sure you are responsible for many more, having been here much longer.


They too were obviously struggling looking elsewhere more logical and that’s why they needed to inquire.

No, it honestly had nothing to do with you Jo ?

It was solely about helping the user in a welcoming, friendly and non condescending way regarding the basic question that they had asked. I felt there was no reason they should feel bad for asking.

Maybe the BSS devs can give @ credit to you two for ideas in the release notes. :grin:

That’s thoughtful, but I definitely don’t want/need any official credit from BSS (especially since I’m not working for them.) It’s reward enough that my suggestions get implemented. Forum regulars know who among us constitute BSS’s unofficial “support team.” Although, a personal “thank you” from the BSS developers to those of us who spend quite a few hours each week helping to make their program more accessible/comprehensible to newbies would certainly not be unwelcome.

oh haha well glad to hear it wasn’t supposed to offend me, as I definitely took it the wrong way then. And no, it wasn’t about credit any ideas or the like on my part either, nor do I need any. I get enough Kudos when I see something added that I asked for lol. Makes ya feel good :slight_smile:

FWIW, I too have searched in the obvious place… and not found them. I think that is makes little sense that sup and sub are located in the LHS panel, rather than next to B I U etc.