Tailwind Studio?

what would you say for “Tailwind Studio”? Bootstrap is kinda overused these days (I’m not saying it’s bad), I think something like “Tailwind Studio” would be a great software.

Bootstrap is the 6th most popular project on Github. It’s used by millions of people, has 9 years of community support, forum discussions, code snippets, thousands of templates, etc. There’s almost no question about Bootstrap that you cannot find an answer for online. Bootstrap is the king… for now.

Tailwind is lighter, faster, has a smaller footprint, but it also has many fewer components than Bootstrap. Some say it’s quicker to build a website with Tailwind, but that’s assuming you’re hand-writing code, and not using a program like Bootstrap Studio. I personally haven’t used Tailwind (just haven’t found the need.) I can build a simple 5-10 page website in a few days with BSS. So to switch I need to first have a major problem with Bootstrap, and second, see a major advantage to Tailwind.

The idea may sound good on paper, but the question is, will Tailwind last? Will it grow in popularity like Bootstrap? Because it takes a huge amount of time, money and work to create a piece of software like Bootstrap Studio, and if you’re going to make money on software, you need to have a very large market that will potentially buy it.

If Bootstrap is used by say, 10 million people (guessing), and just .0001% buy Bootstrap Studio, that’s 10,000 copies. At $60 a piece (assuming every person bought the lifetime license), that’s $6 million dollars net over 5 years (BSS came out in 2005), or $1.2 million a year. But they probably started building BSS at least a year before it was released, so figure it’s 6 years.

So let’s say $1 million a year in net sales. Now subtract office overhead, server costs (to give out 5 free websites) to each owner, the email server costs, their employee’s salaries, and the initial development costs, and then you maybe have $700,000 a year profit. Now subtract taxes and you’re making $450,500 a year. Not a bad deal IF you’re selling 10,000 copies a year. I cannot begin to guess, but I think that estimate is on the ambitious side.

Of course, this is all just a big “what if” thought experiment, but I like doing these kinds of “what if” things.

Clearly Martin and the other Bootstrap Studio developers chose to make a program to build websites with Bootstrap because Bootstrap has such a massive user base. It gave them the best chance at success. $60 is ridiculously cheap for software nowadays. Most website building software is now cloud-based, and runs anywhere from $10 to $50 a month (depending on the package you buy) which works out to 2 to 10 times more than what Bootstrap Studio costs. That’s what it takes to scale a software company these days… selling SAAS (software as a service.)

Tailwind Studio would be, IMO, a huge gamble at this point, because it’s so new. There’s no way to know if it will “catch fire” the way Bootstrap did. Look at how many other frameworks are out there that haven’t come close to the popularity of Bootstrap… Foundation, Pure, Bulma, Semanantic UI, UI Kit, Materialize, Skeleton and yes, Tailwind. But Bootstrap is still #1, but a HUGE margin.

Pinegrow, which supports multiple frameworks, created a Tailwind add-on, so they apparently see some future in the framework. Maybe Tailwind will be “the next big thing.” Maybe not. Very hard to predict things in the tech industry. But I’m not a software developer, so it’s really a moot question for me. I just try to build enough websites to keep the cats fed, the heat on, and the pantry stocked each month. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Can a mod remove this OP’s post as it’s nothing but an advertisement for another software. Tacky and rude to do that!

Something like “Tailwind Studio” doesn’t exist, this is just idea for a software, and Bootstrap Studio has nothing to do with Bootstrap, so it’s not any “advertisement” for other software.

My mistake, although doing a search on it comes up with only 1 possible solution to use it as a software which is why I feel this is still an ad for that system.

Having said that, my apologies for misunderstanding the request.

But … you knew this was coming right? lol. Bootstrap Studio has everything to do with Bootstrap and nothing to do with Tailwind or any other framework. It would seem that the place for you to request this would be directly to the developers, not on a forum for a specific system.

Tailwind does look pretty good, but it’s probably not something I’ll use soon as I haven’t even gotten around to implementing Sass yet lol. Slow poke here and I know it would be awesome if I did get it worked out, but so far no love on that.

So, apologies for the misunderstanding, but the post is still not appropriate to post in the forums. Give a shout out to the developers directly and you may get more response. I have no idea if they are fully invested into only Bootstrap or not so best to ask them directly and see what they have to say on it.

Just wanted to know what people would think about this idea. And I meant, Bootstrap Studio has nothing to do with Bootstrap as a company. Of course, it has everything to do with Bootstrap as framework.