Tailwind Studio?

I believe you misunderstood the meaning there. The designer/Developer makes it what they want and it doesn’t matter what framework it’s in, it can be done in any of them (not including js etc. Obviously you can do more with other languages.)

And although you may not consider web design coding actually “coding”, it’s still called “coding a website”.

I think this is the end of the road now bois we all develop websites (or i assume so), we all have our own opinions and i don’t think its a good idea arguing what the best framework is or how good one is over the other, i think we should simply put it to a neutral statement, that being, BSS and TW are just as good as eachother, with the exception that BSS requires more skill and years of learning, the only real reason i replied to the post putting my argument is because ive never seen a BSS or BS site that looks like an exact copy of a tailwind site, it doesn’t seem like an easy thing to do, considering the whole framework behind TW and how its set out, it was nice talking to you all, its nice to meet new people, whether that be in a debate or just gaming or talking in general, i don’t think we should bash eachother in with words to make silly arguments, i hope you all have an amazing day :slight_smile: if anyone has discord and wanna add me to talk code or gaming or general talk feel free, Свисток#1203 my tag (not an advertisement).


I did add u ;p idk for what but why not lol

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I didn’t see any bashing here. Just people politely expressing their opinions.

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