UI improvements regarding popup windows

I’d like to suggest that all windows that “pop up” (Images, Icons, Fonts, etc…) behave like the color picker palette. They should be repositionable, preferably resizeable, and the they should not blur the background behind them. The blur effect may be cool looking, but it really serves no practical purpose, and frankly I want to be able to see my website at ALL TIMES for design purposes.

It would also nice if the Font chooser allowed one to type in custom text. “The Quick Brown Fox…” just doesn’t cut it when you’re trying to visualize things like all caps headlines, or punctuation, etc…


Thank you for the suggestion! We will look if it would be possible to have the dialogs movable/resizable. If others would like to see this feature we would love to hear their feedback.

As for the Font chooser, this is already supported, you can click and edit the preview text.



I like the idea of resizable and movable for Modals. That’s one of the things I found frustrating the first time I tried doing that, as it’s not always intuitive how to get those things changed in the code.

Here’s a perfect example of why the blur effect drives me crazy. I just highlighted some text in a paragraph that I want to turn into tel: link.

The phone number happens to be in the header of the website (circled in yellow in the image below). It’s a new client, so I haven’t memorized their phone number. If I could see the number, I could easily type it into the Link Properties box, but since I can’t see it, and haven’t memorized it, I must remember to first highlight it and copy it before I click the link button so I can then paste it into the Link URL field.

The “blur” is an obstacle to website development.

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