Version 2.5.0 is out!

I am happy to report that we released version 2.5.0 today! This release brings a major new feature that we are sure you will love - the ability to publish your designs as websites with a single click. We took special care to make the publishing as fast as possible, so that even large designs with lots of images are published quickly. This makes it possible to show your work to clients, gather feedback and collaborate more easily.

Looking forward to your feedback about website publishing :)

Congrats on 2.5 @martin


  • You can now publish your designs as websites on BootStrap Studio servers with a single click. This makes it easier to collaborate, test and show your work to the world.
  • Publishing your design will upload it as a public website to the BootStrap Studio servers for free.

But, do you plan on allowing users to eventually use their own servers as well?


Publishing to other servers is something that we would like to do eventually, but would require building in FTP support into Bootstrap Studio and we have more higher priority features to work on right now. A workaround is to use a separate FTP client like WinSCP and configuring it to upload your site automatically when it detects file changes. You will then just export and have your site automatically uploaded.

Thanks for responding @martin. I was just curious, I know other alternatives exist. I will say it's interesting as I am not showing any additional traffic via Network Monitor during Publish?

Is there a list of the 40 new responsive components added? Where do we find them?

Ok, this is geat, but where's my upgrade? I'm a licensed user, I got the email telling me 2.5 is available, but my version says there are no updates.

Where's the update for those who own Bootstrap Studio?


Jim C.

What are these new components that @paradisepcr refers too?

I'm just going off the email I received. I didn't see anything new though. Take that back....So excited for new stuff, failed to read complete email which included over the past year this is what we've added. UGH! Yes you can shoot me.

+1 for publishing to own servers and please use SFTP and not old, unsecure FTP. And support for Amazon S3.

Direct Ftp Upload +1

I spent an few hours using this updated version. My feedback is that 2.5.0 is a delusion for me. The new feature is useless, i don't need to host a website on a "free" static hosting with advertising. The prominent [publish] button is not necessary, there's already an option under 'export', and most of the 'cloud' menus is dedicated to this sponsored static site hosting. Well, maybe the designer could offer a FREE BSS version with no export option but only with 'publish' under the sponsored domain, but no need to add visual distraction with new menu and new prominent button for the rest of us.I'd rather have a integration (like pinegrow) than a dedicated buttom+menu to manage a third level domain under YMMV, of course.

But there are bug fixed so maybe there's more that i have not found yet in this new version. All other important features, new components, and fix to all visualization problems and errors will be released in future, so i'm looking forward for the new version.

I renewed today after 2 weeks off license... but no updates available (I am on 2.4.3). Is this normal ?

I have to agree with marco. I have no use for the Publish option. Prior to this version, I could export my site with one click. Now I have to click the down arrow on the Publish icon, click the Export tab, and click the Export button. AT least give us an option to not publish so one click does the export as before.

@paradisepcr - The 40 components from 2.4 (Initial Release) can be found via: Components > Studio > UI

@marrco & @phaworth - I agree.

Also, in regards to new components, I am still confused about that, more were supposed to come via 2.4.X and never did past the initial 40 in 2.4

What's coming in 2.4 [released]

• Added 40 beautiful built-in components to the library. We will add even more in the future.

What's coming in 2.4.X

• More beautiful built-in components, and hopefully new templates.

Now in 2.5 & 2.5.X there is not talk of it anymore ? The 2.5 release almost seemed anticlimactic. ;-)

Where to find 2.5 version ?

@Joel Demonceau

Where to find 2.5 version ?

If you are connected to the internet the app should find the update itself when launching then it will ask you to restart the app to apply the update. To do it manually, make sure you are connected to the internet, launch BootStrap Studio, in the apps top menu go: Help > Check for Updates, if there is an update you will have to restart the app for it to be applied. To see what version you currently have, in the top menu go: BootStrap Studio > About BootStrap Studio.

Does any of that help?

Reverted to prior version.

I had high hopes for BSS and was very happy with it during the page design and preview stages, it saved me a lot of time. Now I'm at the stage where I am adding php code to all my pages and it's a nightmare. Pretty much decided to stop using BSS for any layout changes. Exporting new versions from BSS and re-coding all the php is negating all the time BSS saved me during the page design phase. Until there is some sort of ability to include php code in a page in BSS, I won't be using it for any more projects.

But fundamentally, BSS is not PHP compatible so no wonder it's taking you more time after exporting.

Also once you are happy with your design can you not add custom code components for you php script so that when doing layout changes the php is there?

Well, yes, that's what I'm saying. All my web apps are db-related and need php server scripts interspersed with the html code for them to work.

If I used custom code elements for everything that includes php scripts, probably about 70% of my page elements would be custom code and I'd lose most of the benefits of using BSS.

I read several enhancement requests for php functionality, I'm not the only one needing it.