Version 2.7.0 is out!

Hey folks!

We've got great news for you today. The newest release of Bootstrap Studio - 2.7.0 - is out! It brings a few welcome additions that you've requested in the forums:

  • Multiple selections in the Design and Components panels. This makes it very easy to organize/delete a large number of items at once. Use Shift/Ctrl/Cmd + Click to select items (like you do in your file manager).
  • Exporting multiple user components at once is now supported from the parent folder's context menu. You can also select multiple components with the above shortcut, and export them.
  • Externally linked CSS and JS can be refreshed (and new changes detected) by right clicking and choosing "Refresh".
  • You can now quickly open the Component Label dialog by pressing Ctrl/Cmd+L when a component is selected.

In the next week or so, we will release 2.7.1 which will bring multiple selections to the Overview panel, which will allow you to move/delete multiple components at once. This will make designing pages even faster for all you power users out there.

After 2.7.1 we will be working towards adding Bootstrap 4 support.

I haven't checked all the features yet, but I'm loving what I read about them so far! I also love what I see coming in 2..71 which sounds like it will address the idea post I just made about selecting (I posted it more in line with highlighting and in another post about exporting, but the result may be the same for parts of it). Awesome update and awesome coming up one too! Thanks!

If you read my other section on not working with the key combo, just ignore it, I read it wrong thinking the combo was all 3 keys, not a choice of one of the 3 :P

Was about to edit again to ask another question, but timed out lol. So ..

As excited as I am about Bootstrap 4 being added, I wanted to be sure this isn't something that will be an automatic update of our projects and that we can keep them at whatever version we have them at without a forced update. I know it was discussed before, but that was quite some time ago so I'm hoping that situation will still be the same. Not that I don't want to update my projects, I most certainly will do so at some point, but I want to get a handle on Bootstrap 4 first as well as Sass which I haven't really had time to learn how that all works yet.

Could use the Context menu for multiple selected items to include the "Copy To" choice that would usually be there when selecting a single item. This would help us copy multiple items to other projects. Other than that it's working great!

Awesome news Martin - I will look forward to using the new updates to increase workflow speed ?

As an aside can you please confirm if user imported fonts or at least font face will be supported in one of the coming releases? Would be great to see your backlog of change to know if ideas being raised frequently will be addressed or not.

Awesome work.

I don't know what other changes you have made, but the hole app is much more responsive in this version. Startup time opening files etc.. This is in 64bit Linux version.


Will you be releasing an update with support for Bootstrap 4.0 now that it's in beta?

@Jo Bootstrap 4 support will be added in addition to Bootstrap 3, so you will be able to choose which version to use in new projects (and old ones will be kept). When this was last discussed I think I mentioned automatic conversion, but it turns out this won't be possible, as there are too many differences between the versions.

@Chris we will be adding custom font support, but can't commit to when this will be ready. Right now Bootstrap 4 is a priority.

@kaloyan Happy you are seeing speedups! We are making performance improvements in almost every release.

@derekbtw Yes, we are already working on Bootstrap 4 support.

Thanks Martin thats great

Oh wow, I was counting on that auto update that we had talked about. Will there be something set up to help us update a site from 3 to 4 without having to redo the entire site to do so? Glad to hear that we will have the option for one or the other though, but hopefully there will be assistance within the app to upgrade a site.

Sorry, I didn't see your last paragraph ? Thanks!

@Jo we will have a conversion tool, but it won't be run automatically. It will convert all B3 components to the equivalent B4 ones, and will replace helper class names, but some things are not possible to change in an automated way:

  • Your CSS code.
  • The contents of Custom Code blocks.
  • External Bootstrap 3 JS plugins you might have linked.

When you run the conversion tool, it is likely that you will have to do manual work like rewriting your CSS selectors to match the new components. Still, it should help a lot with converting your sites to Bootstrap 4.

The conversion will create a new copy of your design, so you can safely try it out without losing any work. If you are not happy with the results or you decide you don't have time to finish the conversion, you can keep using the old design with Bootstrap 3.3.

That's perfect Martin! Thank you so much for that information. It's actually a great way to do it because we get to not only convert, but see the differences and what it entails so it helps teach us the changes as well some hands on involvement, which of course you know I love that part, because it's always a good experience to do some of the hands on coding yourself no matter what version you're on. Keeps the brain limber! lol

Bootstrap 4 support - great news! Thank you for your job!

Just bought your product and absolutely Love it!

I'm tired at looking at other subscription based web and form designers that hold you hostage with every widget/integration, ability to integrate and obtain and modify your code in a native way. One note on the new release I am unable to do multi-select with the Ctl+Shift then clicking multiple components in the Overview or Design views. Not sure if I've misunderstood the post or if this has already been pointed out. I am running BSS on Windows 7 professional.

I have a few additional comments regarding flexibility, component design, php integration, etc. but will post these thoughts on the Ideas section of the forum. Unfortunately the Ideas section is a bit difficult to search to see if my thoughts are repetitious so if you have no objection I will provide them and let the product experts evaluate their value.

Thanks - can't wait for BS 4.0 release and seeing this product grow!

On the Ctrl+shift, you probably misunderstood it like I did at first. I found out it worked by accident as I was typing up the post to say it didn't lol. You don't need both the Ctrl and Shift, just the Ctrl works same as when you're on any other program. Ctrl+click and that should work. Also, the other thing that's different in BSS than in normal apps using this key combo is that you need to click one of the files in the tree first to highlight it, then hit ctrl and click others and it should work. I'm on a Mac so there may be a different key combo for Windows, but I'm doubting it, but if Ctrl+click doesn't work then try Shift+click and see if that does. Hope that helps.

Hi Jo - thanks for the quick response :) I've tried everything and nothing seems to give me the multi-select capability. I've also reconfirmed what I already knew about how multi-selection works in Wiindows file manager to make sure I wasn't losing my mind :) In BSS I've tried every combination and always made sure to make a selection first before attempting to multi-select. I've tried in both the Overview and Design panes and neither seem to work. Additionally in the Overview and Design panes I've made sure to first select elements at the same level thinking somehow that selecting items within the same higher level parent would make a difference. I've tried Ctl+select second item, Shift+Select and Shift+Ctl+Select and none seem to work. Still confused.

I would then suspect that maybe your Bootstrap hasn't updated yet? Can you verify that you are on 2.7.0 version? Also it doesn't work in the Overview pane, only in the Design pane and the Components pane. I am mistaken on how it works for me though. I just double checked and I had it backwards. I have to hold the Ctrl button and then click something in the Design panel and it will highlight it blue. Keeping the Ctrl button pressed I am then able to highlight other items in that list. Works the same in the Components list too. Overview pane multi-select is coming soon from what I recall, but hasn't been added yet.

Double check your version to make sure you're on 2.7.0 and that would be the first thing to verify.

Yikes - unfortunately no luck on my side. I have tried selecting (while holding all key combinations; Ctl, Shift, Ctl+Shift) an object in both the Components and Design views. While not releasing the keyboard keys I try and select a second object and the selection focus changes to the second object. The first object is deselected. For example I tried to select two components (e.g. Heading and Paragraph). The UI acts like normal and just moves the selection focus to the component I selected last. On the Design view I selected a column in a row and tried to select a second column in the same row. The results were the same - no muli-selection.

Hi Jo - not sure if this functionality is built on standard Windows keyboard shortcuts, which most other BSS shortcuts appear to be, but all my other applications appear to function as expected in the multi-select scenario (e.g. File manage).