Version 5.3.0 is out!

Hey guys!

I am happy to announce that Bootstrap Studio 5.3.0 is now available. Here's what's new:


  • Multi window is here! You can now detach the editor panel into a separate window, making better use of your screen real estate.
  • Improved undo/redo - the app now shows you what's changed, and gives you menus next to the undo/redo buttons for jumping backwards/forwards in history.
  • Support for robots.txt and ads.txt files was added
  • Bootstrap was updated to 4.5.2


  • You can have multiple editor panes, and the empty ones are removed (previousy this was limited to 2).
  • A new Context menu is shown on editor tabs, letting you close all, and move editors left or right.
  • Editing/deleting user components no longer creates a history entry. Instead you can undo by clicking the notification shown after you delete a component.
  • Updated list of device models and resolutions in the Stage devices dropdown.


  • Fixed orphan quote being added in Picture.
  • Fixed a problem with imported images with capitalized file extensions.
  • A new option was added to Dropdown for hiding the arrow.
  • Other small bugfixes.

Looking forward to your feedback :)

Multi window is here! You can now detach the editor panel into a separate window, making better use of your screen real estate.


"Detach editors to new window" is the new feature, as far as I can tell.

Awesome update, I can't wait to check it out, and I can't wait for the next one as well! Thanks!

You have no idea how long I've been waiting for the multi-window mode ?

Great Update! I just tried it and it's beautiful!

Awesome!!! When i check for updates, it tells me that's Downloading but then nothing happens (I'm trying to update from 5.2.1 to the latest version). I'm on Windows 10 with antivirus disabled Is there any other way to update? Thank you

:::::::::::: E D I T ::::::::::::::::::::: After a few try i finally get it done

Thank you for the detachable editor panel. It is definitely a good improvement.

Multi-monitor support!!!!!!!!!!! ????????

There aren't enough thumbs up on the internet for how happy this makes me! ???????????????

I note that the detached editor panel does not "remember" that it's been detached between program instances. In other words, every time you launch the program, you have to re-setup your workspace.

It would be cool if there was a way for the program to "remember" particular workspace setups. This is pretty common in other software that support multiple monitors. Usually there's a way to save your "workspace", give it a name, set one as your default, and create different versions.

Just things to thing about for future releases.

Okay, something seems to be wrong with the Styles panel on new projects.

Create a new blank design. Open the styles.css file. Click in the styles panel. Nothing happens. This would normally allow you to immediately create a new style.

Clicking the Create button also does nothing. The drop down next to the Create button does nothing, and clicking the three vertical dot menu does nothing. It makes no difference if there are components on the page or not, or whether they're selected or not.

The only way I can get the Styles panel "working" with the blank styles.css file is to copy a CSS class from the standard Bootstrap Styles into the custom styles.css. file. Then the panel functions as normal. Nor can I copy/paste CSS into the blank stylesheet using ctrl-c / ctrl-v. It must be done by copying through the BSS menu interface.

If you create any new CSS file, it suffers from the same non-functionality. If you import CSS files, they work as normal.

On existing projects, the Style panel works the same as it always has.

Can anyone else can confirm this?

(Also, this is on a Windows 7 machine, if that matters.)

Well I can confirm that it seems to be working as it normally does in the Mac version, but I don't have it installed on a Windows machine at this time. Guess I might have to do that just for testing purposes one of these days.

Thanks for check @Jo

I've done a screen recording to demonstrate the problem...

Bug confirmed.

this is on a Windows 7 machine, if that matters

Windows 10 here, so that's not the issue

I get messages Checking for update... then downloading then nothing happens. Tried several times. Please provide a link on website where we can download updates. Bootstrap ver 5.2.1 Windows 10 64 bit

^^^^^ im having same issue as @abstractindia, am assuming the devs are fixing something and have disabled upgrade feature whilst packaging the fix.

Downloads page here for those that need a direct link:

Thanks for the feedback! Depending on your internet connection and how loaded our servers are, it can take a few minutes for the update to download. We'll add some kind of progress indicator to the update notification in the future.

Thank you for the video, @printninja! We'll release version 5.3.1 later today with a fix. Saving/restoring workspaces is an interesting idea. We'll explore how it could work.

Thank you @chris for sharing the link.

Multi-screen support! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Yes, I'm quite pleased.

It was a little remiss of me to have forgotten to thank you for the previously improved image selection with choices being directed towards the 'currently' used' folder so many thanks for that too.

any 1 have problems downloading and installing, I click download and install and nothing... rebooted and restarted still nothing? ok that was weird, restarted my router restarted the computer and it finally updated.. very odd.

Need to keep in mind that when you do the download and install it takes a while for it to download the app. When it's finished downloading you will usually get a popup in the bottom right telling you that when you restart the app it will install the update. It's not an instant thing :)

Thank you for the 5.3.1 update today!