Version 5.5.2 is out!

Hey folks!

I am happy to share that Bootstrap Studio 5.5.2 was just released. It brings Bootstrap 5 support and a few other frequently requested improvements.


  • Bootstrap 5 (Beta 2) is here! Create new designs in Bootstrap 5, or convert existing Bootstrap 4 designs to it. BS5 won’t be the default until the final release is out, but you can choose it from the dropdown in the New Design dialog. Note: Bootswatch haven’t released a BS5 update yet, so the themes dropdown is empty at the moment.
  • A new “Language” option was added to the Settings dialog. It lets you set a language for your design which is automatically added to all pages as html lang attributes.
  • A new “Website URL” option was added to the export settings screen. It replaces the old “Sitemap Domain” setting, and is used when generating your sitemap and Twitter/Facebook (Open Graph) meta tags.


  • Bootstrap 4 was updated to version 4.6.0.
  • You can now search for pages in the “Copy to Multiple…” dialog.
  • URLs starting with /assets/img now work correctly in the browser preview.


  • Fixed a bug which showed Suggested components as disabled.
  • Minor bugfixes and tweaks.

We’re looking forward to your feedback! This release concludes our 5.5.* series and we will update our roadmap in the next few days with the planned features for Bootstrap Studio 5.6.

Reminder: when you click Help > Check for Updates it can take a few minutes for the new version to be downloaded. It depends on our server load and your internet connection.