What's coming in 5.5 [released]

The next version of Bootstrap Studio is going to be 5.5. Here is what we have planned:

  • Bootstrap 5 support. We expect the first beta of Bootstrap 5 to be released in November, and it should land in Bootstrap Studio soon after that.
  • Improved support for CSS custom properties (variables). You’ll be able to see color previews and see variable autosuggestions.
  • Marking components as favorites. This will display them in an easy to reach group.
  • Fixing minor issues and improvements the usability of the app.

We will ship these features in the coming weeks as they are ready.

Update (Dec 7, 2020). We launched Bootstrap Studio 5.5.0 with support for Favorite components, CSS variables and a lot more. Unfortunately the first Bootstrap 5 beta was delayed, so it will have to wait for one of the upcoming 5.5.x releases.

Update (Feb 16, 2020) we launched Bootstrap Studio 5.5.2 with Bootstrap 5 support. This concludes the 5.5 series.