Version 5.9.0 is out!

Hey folks! I am happy to share that Bootstrap Studio 5.9.0 is here!

What’s New

The highlight in this release is SFTP support. You can now configure connections to SFTP servers and publish your site with a single click. From the app menu, click “Cloud > Manage Websites” to configure. You can learn more in our docs.

The CSS editor was improved. It now supports simulating :hover, :active, :focus and other states and has better detection for CSS variables and overriden properties.


Buttons, Tables, Selects and Inputs now have an “unstyled” option which lets you use the basic tag without any Bootstrap classes.


Other new features and improvements

  • A “Nav (HTML)” component was added which gives you the standard nav html element.
  • The Google Fonts integration was updated with the latest families and styles.
  • Pasting from Word and other rich text editors was improved.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the Attributes panel to not show in some cases.
  • The bs-init.js script is now included only when necessary.

We look forward for your feedback!


Excellent additions!

Ohhhh yeah I can’t wait to check out the sftp setup! That could potentially save us a lot of steps. Love the other additions and updates too thanks as always for all your hard work!

Thank you Martin, SFTP works awesomely, you have just taken Bootstrap Studio into a whole other dimension and arena, far as I know no other bootstrap builder has this feature. Super simple to use and operate.

Newbies: Just make sure to set your path to the folder you want to publish to. ex: /home/username/public_html
or for a sub directory ex: /home/username/public_html/subdirectory

Note: The home and public_html directories may be named something else, you’ll have to take a look in your web hosting account and set up your connection accordingly.

Many thanks again!

New version is not opening my projects.
Had to roll back to 5.8.6


@martin help.
My projects are not opening either.
This file has dozens of pages and is over 13mb

Can you send us any bsdesign files that fail to open to our email so we can investigate?

Sent to

Hey Martin,
Just sent it (
Thanks for your support

I tested it with the previous version on another notebook, it worked perfectly, after updating the version BSS no longer opened the file.
Note, this file uses a lot of custom code.

Just throwing in here that MacOS Big Sur version seems to be good so far, opening BS 3, 4 and 5 versions.

Thanks Martin.

The SFTP is a great new addition. I have always had to export my website to a folder on my computer and then ftp it to my server. Now I just click on Publish and all is done automatically.

Is there or will there ever be the capability of only publishing changed pages and files related to them?

Thank you for sending your designs! The issue was caused by an icon font that has been imported as a font. We sent you fixed designs which work. In our next update we will fix the underlying issue.

We can add such functionality in the future if there is interest.

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I know I already asked in the ideas forum, but … There IS interest in single file uploading :slight_smile:


Amazing guys😊 love the update, keep going

Genuinely happy with each update.
One of the best software that I ever purchased.

Wonder wherever there is a possibility of implementation
of preserving formatting when pasting from word?
Meaning <i , <b and stuff.

Thank you

I don´t know what I do wrong…I copy settings from Filezilla where I log in without problems but in BS it just says “SFTP Connection Failed”
Any help?

double check the password which you can’t get from the settings inside Filezilla.

I dont use any password…only ssh-key or agent
Well…I have no clue why it does not work in BS but all other software with sftp.
I do ok with the “old” way using FileZilla but would be nice to try this out also

Can you write to with details about your setup? Like your OS, webhost you’re trying to connect to etc. Don’t include usernames and passwords.