Version 6.5.0 is out!

Hey folks!

We’re happy to report that Bootstrap Studio 6.5.0 is now out! Watch an overview of the new features below.


  • AI Assistant is here! Edit your design, generate text and build pages with the power of ChatGPT. Click the new Assistant button in the toolbar and enter your OpenAI API key to use it.
  • A new Computed panel was added to the bottom of the Styles tab. There you can see all rules currently affecting the element and their calculated values.


  • Container query support was added to the CSS editor. When editing a CSS block, click the “Add Container Query” option in the three-dot menu.
  • You can now drag and drop entire folders with mixed file types and they will be imported correctly.
  • A new Image Properties dialog was added to images in the Design panel. Here you can set a default alt attribute which will be used on all instances of the image which don’t have an alt of their own.

We are looking forward to your feedback and suggestions!


There needs to be a method to turn off upgrades.

Perhaps there are people that do not wish to use Open AI.

This version will not run under Windows 7, correct?

There is…

File > Settings > Updates > Ask me before downloading updates

Thanks. Found it and activated.

Not sure of WIN7. I have a WIN7 prod machine I’ll attempt an install on that and see what happens,
WIN 11 works installed upgrade but erased all shortcuts to app. In fact I can’t locate app on system BUT bss files are opening up in 6.5. (Confusion emoticon)

Ubuntu 16.04 prod machine instance trashed. Missing dependencies.

You don’t have to go to the trouble. I was actually asking the developers this question, because I remember them stating that the next major upgrade of BSS would not run on Windows 7, and I’m wondering if this is it.

Sorry that you’ve run into issues! As we shared some time back, Bootstrap Studio 6.5 is built upon a new Electron version which does not support Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Ubuntu 16.04 is quite old and hasn’t been supported for a couple of years as well.

The app won’t auto update if you run an unsupported Windows version, but we don’t have such checks for old Ubuntu releases so it will auto update there.

In either case, you can switch off Bootstrap Studio updates and keep running an old version for as long as you need.

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Martin thank you for reply.
Yes 16.04 is old although we have subscribed for extended support on this particular machine and the previous version of BSS worked fine.

We just deployed the app on Ubuntu 20.04.3LTS … no problems although setting preferences required creating a new design before the tab could be executed.

All future instances (WIN/NIX) have been set to “ask before upgrade.”
We have no problems getting off this bus.
Sorry for the inconveniences. /.d

Thanks for the heads-up Martin.

Awesome update, I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to venture into the ChatGPT in the app yet, but it’s awesome that it’s there if I want to and of course for anyone else that’s ready for it. Kudos to that and all the other additions to this update!

Oh I forgot I was going to ask about the ChatGPT setup as it didn’t show up until I opened a project file. Is this a per project thing, or will it carry over to the rest of my projects. It’s a bit confusing, seems it should be there all the time, whether a project is open or not, but as I said, I don’t know if it’s a project thing or a overall thing. :slight_smile:

The AI Assistant is configured once (you need to provide openai api key) and is available for all your designs. It only works if a design is open.

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I think AI is an optional feature here. When you update BSS, it doesn’t automatically add AI to your project. If you don’t have a need for it, you can simply avoid clicking on that tab and creating an Open AI account for the API. Personally, I have been waiting for this and already having some fun with it :blush:

Thanks much guys, loving it all so far!

My files will no longer save after importing images since the update…

WOW !!! Ho no ! ??? I’m still under Win7 how I can still continue without upgrade my BSS ?

You have to update to Windows 10. I’m not thrilled with the idea either, but Windows 7 is a 14 year old operating system, and it’s no longer supported by Microsoft.

But after watching the BSS 6.5 feature video, I really don’t see anything in this update that is necessary to have. I don’t care about having ChatGPT inside BSS because I don’t use it. The other new features are nice, but they’re mainly novelties. They’re not necessary to be able to build websites. It’s not like BSS 6.5 has introduced new version of Bootstrap, or something crucially important.

Of course, I’ve already got a new computer with Windows 10 on it ready to go. Just haven’t had a chance to set it all up yet. So this will be motivation.

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Thanks for your message, but I’m on production with lot of configuration & Softwares and upgrade to Win10 can change lot of things… It’s not only 'cause not supported by MS or motivation.

:frowning: And have software install on computer is also great to be sure you can work on stable version.
This update is hard and I’m agree with you don’t need ChatGPT to create and build new content pages .
I don’t know if it’s possible to block upgrade during few month, time to finish all my productions.

If you are running Windows 7 or 8, Bootstrap Studio won’t update to version 6.5, you will remain on 6.4 and keep using for as long as you need.

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