Version 6.7.0 is out!

Hey folks! I’m happy to share we just released version 6.7.0! It comes with some exciting features and improvements. You can check out the highlights here:


  • The app now supports a custom window titlebar. It integrates the main menu with a new panel control group, giving you a cleaner look and a better use of vertical space. You can switch on the new titlebar from Settings > Interface.
  • The Image Picker supports generating AI images with OpenAI’s Dall-E 2 and 3 models.
  • New reports were added to Check for Issues. “Missing CSS Definitions” detects components using CSS classes without corresponding CSS code, indicating a typo or an unused class name that can be removed. The two other new reports check for broken links and broken images in your design.


  • The Settings > SEO panel was improved. It now alerts you if the website title or description are overridden by the active page’s properties, making it easier to find where the page title is coming from. It also shows a character counter, and supports creating app-ads.txt files.
  • The start screen supports pinning designs. From this point forward, recent designs that are opened will also display their last open date and bootstrap version used.
  • Field labels now have an “Unstyled” option allowing you to remove all bootstrap-related classes.
  • You can now make all scrollbars in the app wider from Settings > Interface.
  • Inputs components can now be changed to Select from the context menu.
  • Minor enhancements to the import feature to better parse HTML.
  • Collapsed side panels don’t hide the toolbar when revealed.
  • The generated theme switcher JS now follows the minification export option.
  • Bootstrap was updated to 5.3.3
  • Google fonts were updated with the latest families.


  • SFTP publishing now correctly handles pages that are hidden from export.
  • HTML id attributes in nested elements are correctly updated when duplicating components.
  • Offcanvas generates correct target attributes.
  • Tabs with the underline type generate correct classes.
  • Minor bug fixes.

We look forward to your feedback!


Congratulations to the entire BSS team

Hello and thank you for this great update.
I greatly appreciate the improvements as well as taking into account the suggestions made on this forum.

I find it very convenient to improve the side panels even on my 28-inch screen.
Display a single panel over the entire height, it’s really top.

I think that in the days to come, I will appreciate other novelties that I have not yet used.

Thanks for this update! I would like to inform you that when I use DALL-E 2 and 3 AI Images, the API Field is already filled in in this update and is generating a cost for you when we use it. I would like to know if the API that comes with the update already filled in in the field was on purpose or an error?

Love the new features. Thank you so much. Also the video helped me to uncover the check for issues report feature I never used already.

For image generation the app uses the same OpenAI API key that you’ve entered for the Assistant. We launched the Assistant last year, and it’s likely you’ve already filled in an API key for it. Each image generation will cost you a few cents of OpenAI fees, Bootstrap Studio doesn’t charge for this.

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Wow, an awesome update for sure!!

I have a dumb question, dumb because I don’t know JS so not sure how this all works. But … I recall that there were issues in trying to detect images in JS files so I’m wondering does the CSS detector have that same limitation or is it able to read the CSS in JS files as well? Am truly excited for this new feature to detect CSS definitions with no code connected to them. Just want to be sure if it’s getting “all” CSS or not.

Thanks for this great new update!

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This update is awesome!

Now I understand! Thank you for the information!

JavaScript is not checked for class name usage. So for example if an element on your page has the class name “slider” which you only use in JavaScript as a selector, Check for Issues will report it as having a missing CSS definition.

Thank you for the free update :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

On the computer with Windows 7 it is indicated that no update is available, while on the computer with Windows 11 it can be installed… I don’t exactly understand what is going on, is this just me?

Versions of Bootstrap Studio later than 6.45 will not work on Windows 7 machines. This was announced by the developers many months ago.

Ever since I updated to Version 6.7, the Preview button no longer works. My default browser is Edge. I tried the answers in the forum, but no success.

Also, the links in the Help section do not work, that includes Tutorials, Keyboard Shortcuts, Forum, and Report a Bug.

Any ideas?

Windows sometimes resets the default browser setting, so when Bootstrap Studio tells your OS to use your default browser to open a page, nothing happens. You will need to set your default browser again from Windows settings.


I did that in settings and still have the problem I mentioned.