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I've played with the Demo a bit and really like the ease of use. I'm considering buying it, but I don't like the idea of having separate applications to manage code and manage styles. I think this product is more suited by front-end development only (no code) rather than developers that do both. Eventually, I'll have to merge the code and styles together, rather than make changes as I go to a template, view, or partial. I'd like a Visual Studio Extension that would allow this editor in Visual Studio, integrated with the newest ASP.NET technologies. If it could have the ability to work for other technologies (not necessary web technologies) in Visual Studio that use CSS/JavaScript, that would be awesome as well.

Could this happen in the near future?

I'm sure other developers would appreciate this tool integrated into their IDEs (not Visual Studio) as well.

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Plugin support for Visual Studio or other IDEs is not currently planned as we are not sure a lot of people would use this. But if there is interest we will reconsider it. If some of you would like to see support for Visual Studio or other IDEs, please reply below. Also in your comment include the IDE that you would like to have support for.

I also develop using Visual Studio. A plugin for this IDE would be a huge help!

I'd love to see support for (very similar to sublime, but free), something like this:

I personally don't like visual studio, in case I'd prefer the new, open source VIsual Studio Code (it's a different product), but my IDE of choice is, with all plugins, linters, code snippets, emmet, live preview, color pickers etc.

One addition point here is that moving BSS toward a more professional/expert use is good also for beginners. Because pro support means more quality of user-generated free components for everybody, and more experts in the forums.

So I see this also as an investment toward a more qualified user base. If BSS becomes a prototyping tool of choice for web design studios that's good for everybody.


Agreed, +1

• Atom

• Brackets

+1 for Visual Studio support. My bet is most Visual Studio dev's don't currently know about Bootstrap Studio. Having an extension on the Visual Studio Marketplace would likely change that and I think you'd see a lot of interest.

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I vote for visual studio support. This would be a time saver.

Hi, I vote for visual studio. I actually vote for another function in Bootstrap studio that would cross the road to the middle. An export or publish functionality to export the design in a file and folder structure that can be used in Microsoft visual studio VS. Ex. When finishing the design and hit the export, the distribution of the files and folder should match the standard new visual studio project -CSS, images, bootstrap, etc- in this case I can move the design assets back in force between VS and bootstrap studio.

With the power on VS WebForm, MVC, and .net Core no one should deny the interest for support in VS especial that BS studio is the most easiest studio I came across except.

I'm considering to buy but with at least minimum amount of integration with VS.

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+1 for Visual Studio. I've been doing .Net development for a long time, but am fairly new to Bootstrap (and CSS in general). Bootstrap Studio has been a great find recently in helping me layout UI components, but I've found it very difficult to figure out how to incorporate the Bootstrap Studio designs into my Visual Studio projects.

Visual Studio is a good thing to point at, and also a huge market. I just purchased a license and so very well impressed. But I understand the goal is to make a very good front end editor, especially for Back End developers that need well formed front end code, so in the future integrations with Atom, Sublime, Visual Studio Code, would be awesome.


Integration with Python Django would be helpful.

+1 for Visual Studio Code, and Atom

Another +1 for me! My guess is a lot of people who use bootstrap may have a background in coding, could be wrong. Most people these days with no experience choose squarespace or wordpress.

And like buddy above said, if you made an extension for VS you'd get that crowd as well.

I mean not an IDE but if you would support the creation of a WordPress Theme that would be awesome. From Prototyping to placing the core WordPress functions and export so a working theme that would be great.

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VisualStudio support +

Yes, support for Visual Studio please. I was looking for a good drag and drop designer for ASP.NET MVC when I found this web site. I was really hoping that this would be it.

Atom Editor or Visual Studio, since each is built upon Electron like Bootstrap Studio. Atom probably has more 3rd party packages aligned with BootStrap Studio at this point, regarding workflow. But what would the integration be like with an external editor, since many things are currently locked down in BSS?

+1 for Visual Studio Code

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