Vue.js Support

Because Vue.js uses components (single .vue file for all html/css/js) I would LOVE for this IDE to integrate that capability so I can design and code my site with full Vue.js support for routing, etc. Keep up the great work!

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I completely agree. If this feature were live it would be a sale on the spot. Now it is a decision.

+1 for this future

:) I'd love that.

i just bought the software today love it, it make my works faster, but i would like to have vue js support to, it seen to be a trend

+1 I suspect there is a way to do it via the script section of the software. I just haven't figured it out yet.

Any updates/ETA on this? If there is any one feature that you should be working at, this is the one. Vue is taking over the stage so very rapidly. Being able to export to Vue format will make BSS #1 choice for front-end developers.

From technical point of view, this shouldn't be difficult to implement either. BSS already can track styles of each element, so all that is needed is an "Export" menu option when user clicks on a page (in Design pane). At that point, you simply export the html of that page and associated styles to a single .vue file.

Some Bootstrap 4 functions require jQuery, Popper.js, and these functions conflict with Vue.

Vue won't keep track of these modifications. Any changes made using jQuery could be overwritten by Vue.

I guess it is simpler than that. All we need is a way to export BSS pages individually, exporting all its dependencies (styles and js) of each page in its own file. People can then convert them into Vue components on there own. We could even write a post-export script to convert it into a Vue file. This is already supported by BSS.

About the conflicts between jQuery and Vue, I think that might not be as big of an issue. Laravel already successfully mixes jQuery, Bootstrap and Vue. Even if there are any minor issues, people can resolve them manually, which they have to do anyway even in the current state of affairs if they want to use Vue.

While I was writing this message, another idea struck me. BSS already allows running custom script at the end of export; which can be used to apply custom transformations to the exported content.What if they call the script DURING the export process as it cruises through the project hierarchy, passing each exported element (plus other contextual information like page name that it is working on)?The custom script could then create whatever kind of output it wanted to generate, be it Vue, Angular, Laravel Blade or whatever.

Good thing about this approach is that the BSS team will need to do very little work. The community can then create all sorts of exporters plug-ins that other people could download/extend. This will make BSS the #1 tool for front-end design tool that will fit everyone's needs and make everyone life easier.

I'm actually using BSS for some Vue.js applications. Of course there's a bit of manual work in fitting all the parts into a Vue.js CLI application, but it's not too bad. If there were some way to make it a bit easier to do this I would be very happy, too.

BSS is such an incredible tool, kudos to the developers and everyone else involved in making it!

What about the possibility of having an external utility and using that?

My main problem is that I have no clue if this is something that the BSS developers want to integrate into BSS.

If I could get an answer that it won't happen, then maybe we could proceed with some sort of utility.

My reason for creating such a utility is that more people would be interested in purchasing BSS, so, more sales = happier developers, and the price stays down = happy clients -- all win-win.

If you are already doing it manually, it probably is not that hard to explain and implement.

It seems sad that this excellent idea has been left unanswered for over a year. Seems like it will never happen. :(

@javast I tend to look at things this way. If the devs think there's something to an idea, there will be a post in that thread by them at some point. If a thread has had this many posts, and not a peep from the devs I typically think they are not interested in it at the time. Doesn't mean it isn't something they won't consider later, just not in their list of things they want to do with their app. I can't say it won't happen, but by the looks of how many months this post spread to I'm going to assume not. So far that line of thinking has not let me down or disappointed.

You get a pretty good idea of what they are and are not interested in by @Martin usually poking his head in and saying yes or no or maybe.

I am also interested in it and the whole thing for Angular and React.