What's coming in 5.8 [released]

Bootstrap Studio 5.8 is going to be the next release of the app. Here is what we have planned:

  • Ecommerce Components - You will be able to drag and drop components like Product, Shopping Cart, Product Search and others, and easily add store functionality to your websites.
  • Light Theme - You will be able to switch the UI between a dark theme (the current one) and a new light one.
  • Improved Find and Replace in Editors - the find and replace UI in the app’s JS, SASS and Custom Code editors is getting an overhaul.
  • Update Bootstrap to the latest version.
  • Various small features and improvements suggested in the forum.

We will ship these features as they are ready in 5.8.x releases.

Update (Nov 3, 2021): All of these features are now released. Looking forward to Bootstrap Studio 5.9!