Bootstrap + SLDS?

Hi - is there a version that uses SLDS components, or can they be imported?

Great tool, but I need it for LWCs.


Can you elaborate what your acronyms stand for please? Hard to know how to answer when I don’t know what SLDS or LWC is :stuck_out_tongue:


Seems to be some sort of open-source CSS tool kit for developing business apps using the “Lightning Design System” framework released in 2015.

First time I’ve ever heard of it. Of course, there are tons of unique CSS kits and niche frameworks out there, but I doubt any of them are popular enough to warrant direct integration into the BSS software.


You could just link an external css file in the design tab and use it that way. Maybe building your own component as you go.

A lot of it looks like it is doubling up on bootstrap classes, although you won’t have any problem with the naming, so it could be ok.

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Hi - it’s the equivalent of bootstrap but for Salesforce. LWC = ‘Lightning Web Component’.


maybe you can add the components as “block code”(basically raw HTML blocks) and import the CSS, and then work with them on par with the rest of the BSS modules

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Ah I see, hmm I doubt they will add anything for this as it sounds like the same setup as MDBootstrap and sub frameworks (dunno what else to call them lol) that are based off of Bootstrap but they have their own default files.

If you have access to pages with the components on them, @cesarstm 's idea would probably work and you could probably use the tool that @R.Omer created to make those pages into BSS pages so you wouldn’t have to use Custom Code blocks.

Original Thread

Follow up Thread that shows it can now do multiple pages at once

Just guessing here, but either way you would have to import every file of the SCSS and CSS and JS if any so that they would overwrite the default files. Not sure how easy that would be, but it “might” be doable.

Give it a try? Worst that can happen is it won’t work and you’ll be all the smarter for trying lol. :slight_smile:


Definitely worth a try - thanks.

It’s odd a company as big as SF would have such a gaping hole in the tools they offer.

Shaun McArthur