PHP files to add

Huh??? Bootstrap is an HTML framework!

Call me confused, but why do back-end developers routinely come to the forums and complain about the lack of PHP support in BSS?

I mean, there’s a reason BSS is $65 bucks and Wappler is $250-$500.

Bootstrap is part of HTML.

What’s the deal here @baudwalker, are you here to just troll the forums and start trouble? Please don’t be so snarky about how someone might talk about something. It was very clear that @printninja meant that they were included as part of BSS, not that they were “part” of BSS. Don’t be so picky about things like that, it’s not necessary and so far your posts have added nothing but friction to this thread. :confused:

I am generally interested in why BSS does not allow export to PHP as it does with HTML, such as Mobirise, WYSIWYG Web Builder. Pinegrow, Website X5 and many others.

I do become concerned when some people reply with incorrect statements such as “HTML is part of Bootstrap”. Misinformation helps no-one.

But it is not the end of the world that BSS is incapable of exporting to PHP as well as HTML

While I agree with you that “misinformation helps no-one”, I think it’s safe to say those who frequent these forums had no difficulty understanding that my comment “HTML, CSS and JS are all a part of Bootstrap” essentially meant that these web technologies are interconnected within the Bootstrap Studio program environment. There is no Bootstrap Studio without Bootstrap OR HTML. Technically, it might have been more accurate to have written that “HTML, CSS and JS are all a part of building websites with the Bootstrap Studio software.”

Regarding your other examples…

I used the free version of Mobirise once (long since deleted.) I bought, used (once), and discarded WYSIWYG Web Builder. I own and use Pinegrow. I have no experience with Website X5 other than having remembered looking at an older version in the mid 2010’s and finding it seriously lacking in features.

Mobirise, when I last looked at, still used the classic “bait & switch” business model… they offer a “free”, seemingly comprehensive website builder to entice beginners into committing to the platform. Then, once they realize they are neck deep in a project and find they need access to the code to do many common tasks, they have to cough up $75 a year for the code editing plug-in. So screw them.

When I purchased WYSIWYG Website Builder back in in 2016, it was antiquated junk that didn’t even support text in anything other than points! Its CSS editing features were practically non-existent (not sure if that’s still the case.) It produced abysmally bad, bloated, non-semantic code, and used a totally bizarre and convoluted system of hiding and showing page elements to achieve responsiveness. It had a horrible UI, and (IMO) the owner was a stubborn ass who could not handle the slightest criticism of his program. Maybe the software has gotten better since then, but from my own experience, I couldn’t imagine any professional developer taking WYSIWYG Web Builder seriously, (even if it allows one to save files in .php format.)

I have no complaints about Pinegrow. It’s a great piece of software (not cheap with its annual renewal fees) but it has many powerful features. And while I don’t use regularly, I still renew it each year because when you need it, it’s indispensable, and I like Matjaz, who is as dedicated to improving PG as Martin is to improving BSS, so I support them both.

I know nothing about Website X5 other than a vague recollection of looking at it 3-4 years ago and recalling that it did not support responsive design at the time. I believe it does now, but it’s a paid option (more bait and switch marketing!) I’ve also read reviews that say it does not allow you to see the actual website in the workspace as you’re building it (odd.) And the pro version is not cheap at $220.00

Perhaps @martin would care to weigh in on this discussion, and explain in more detail why BSS does not allow the saving of files in .php format. He would have the definitive answer. The rest of us can only speculate.

I have been using BSS for 4 years and have purchased a lifetime licence which I consider a bargain. Why? because it is a really good tool and I like the way it works. But I always have my eyes open for improvements and alternatives.

I have identified one weakness in BSS and I will always put my views forward and support those of similar views.

I consider it a valid request to have PHP as an export option as well as HTML. But as I mentioned it will not be the end of the world if it doesn’t happen, but I will always give my support to those who mention this subject on the forum.

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@Martin how hard would it be to implement a built in export script for some things like this PHP setup that has been asked for incessantly since I started years ago. Maybe something like that would take care of the issue on this and for many others?

Users - ask for php support
Devs - say not gonna happen
Users - keep asking
Devs - don’t respond as they have already answered previously to say not supported

Doesn’t take a genius to see the pattern that it’s not likely to be supported so fail to understand why it’s continues to be raised.

If php support is that important - mock up in BSS - then when ready for php coding open sections in 3rd party editor and do what is needed.

Bored of seeing same requests over and over now :man_shrugging:

so fail to understand why it’s continues to be raised.

Because people want to deposit meat in their bank accounts.


Users - ask for php support
Devs - say not gonna happen
Users - keep asking
Devs - don’t respond as they have already answered previously to say not supported

Devs? Do you mean the developers of BSS?

Who are they? I know 3 persons as the moderator of this forum: @danny @gabby and @martin . I couldn’t know anyone else who may be an official of the BSS.

I have been following this issue for a long time. Whenever a user comes up with a suggestion on this subject, immediately the same 2 people write long answers and oppose them without feeling lazy, as if they have to answer.

This is what I see. Until now, I have not seen an official statement on behalf of BSS from forum moderators or any other official person.

I believe that the users’ requests on this topic are sincere ( I am one of them ). Because BSS will be a much more perfect tool if php support and database integration features are developed.

Of course, the development of an excellent tool that does almost everything, that makes the end user’s job so easy, does not please those who do web development consultancy and earning money with this. I think those 2 people are doing web consultancy, too.

Please warn me if I am wrong about this, if there is an official statement from BSS about this issue, if the answers here are official answers on behalf of BSS; I will take all my words back and apologize.

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I cannot recall when it was (nor do I care enough to start searching through old posts,) but I remember at least one of the developers stating in the old forum that adding database support is not something they have any plans for, or interest in doing with BSS. This is just my recollection, not an “official” statement.

I am not a programmer, but I can imagine that turning a program that is strictly a static website builder into one that can also build dynamic websites is probably not a matter of a simple “update.” In fact, I would imagine It’s more akin to writing a new program from scratch, and also probably one reason why there are very few website builders out there that do this. Wappler is one of the few I am aware of (and it costs over $400 IIRC.)

I have no idea what you’re implying with…

does not please those who do web development consultancy and earning money with this. I think those 2 people are doing web consultancy, too.

I can assure you that if I was getting paid to do “web consultancy,” I certainly wouldn’t be spending hours in this forum each week answering newbie questions for free. But I do build websites for a living, and there are quite a few other regulars in this forum doing the same.

It was stated quite some time ago. @Martin can you rescue us here? I don’t think these guys are believing us and there’s not much more we can say on it.

I think it was stated pretty clearly in this thread.

I myself use the export script feature to change custom code into php pages with extension changes, links, etc and test with a mysql database using XAMPP. This integrates my CMS (uses PHP) and allows for complete editing of the files with Sublime Text inside Bootstrap Studio. The export method I use is a html parser called Python Beautiful Soup. Allows complete control over the document and what is contained in it and writes, overwrites, deletes old html file, create folders, new extensions etc.

Thanks @Twinstream, that definitely spells it out quite clearly.

There seems to be a massive misunderstanding here. I for one do not want BSS to become a PHP backend dynamic WYSIWYG website development tool. Unlike printninja I am a programmer, albeit, mainly in PHP. To expect BSS to become a WYSIWYG PHP development tool is probably out of the question and would cost many hundreds of dollars to the user. I believe that all anyone could expect is that then php code or file is included it would run in the preview ( maybe using the localhost server) and then export that file as a .PHP.

Anyone expecting anything beyond that is whistling in the wind.

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I recently re-inquired the same regarding Javascript after a few years, which was met by the similar crowd pushing back in the same way. It’s rather odd that such discussions are so adversely challenged by users considering todays modern web.

Not sure if you have it, or have used it, but Pinegrow runs javascript in its workspace window. I find that probably 70% of the time, I disable it, because it’s annoying trying to build the site when javascript is active.

You wouldn’t think this would be the case, but it’s actually so much easier, at least for me, to have the browser open on a second monitor running a live preview of the site, while being able to build in BSS on my main monitor with everything “dead” as it were. Especially with things that are triggered by hover, or stuff that runs on the background like particle.js. I would never want that running in the BSS workspace, even though it’s perfect to see it running in the browser on the other monitor while I’m working.

Not to sidetrack this thread, but that’s maybe a good usage case you mention having the ability to toggle Javascript on / off within the app so users have rendering of both static and dynamic options based upon individual needs.

Electron itself and security within it has come a long way since @martin made this comment more than four years ago. From that comment it seems the roadmap / hindrance was only security concerns back then, but still today? Other various Electron apps are doing JS nowadays so I’m not sure where the BSS developers currently stand with things.

He made a similar comment a bit later where he also commented on PHP support.

Sorry to be jumping to this discussion so late!

PHP support

We will not be adding PHP support to Bootstrap Studio. This is because PHP generates HTML, and there is no way to make this work with a visual drag and drop builder. The HTML of your page needs to come from one place - either it’s generated from the app when you drag and drop components, or from PHP when code is executed. If an editor were to have both, this would come with significant limitations, and in the end it won’t be good at either visual nor PHP editing.

It would be nice to have, of course, but it would ruin Bootstrap Studio as a visual editor.

Running JS in the app window

This is another thing we won’t be doing. JS will need to run in the same process as the Bootstrap Studio window. Electron can isolate the code, but a single while(1){} loop can block the entire thread and cause the application to freeze. Even if this is somehow solved, you still need to see JS errors, have a step by step debugger, write code in the console… Just use the browser preview.

RunJS does well, but maybe thats not apples to apples.

Usually things get better with time not regress, but if thats the new answer for BSS then ok. :rofl: