PHP files to add

It was stated quite some time ago. @Martin can you rescue us here? I don’t think these guys are believing us and there’s not much more we can say on it.

I think it was stated pretty clearly in this thread.

I myself use the export script feature to change custom code into php pages with extension changes, links, etc and test with a mysql database using XAMPP. This integrates my CMS (uses PHP) and allows for complete editing of the files with Sublime Text inside Bootstrap Studio. The export method I use is a html parser called Python Beautiful Soup. Allows complete control over the document and what is contained in it and writes, overwrites, deletes old html file, create folders, new extensions etc.

Thanks @Twinstream, that definitely spells it out quite clearly.

There seems to be a massive misunderstanding here. I for one do not want BSS to become a PHP backend dynamic WYSIWYG website development tool. Unlike printninja I am a programmer, albeit, mainly in PHP. To expect BSS to become a WYSIWYG PHP development tool is probably out of the question and would cost many hundreds of dollars to the user. I believe that all anyone could expect is that then php code or file is included it would run in the preview ( maybe using the localhost server) and then export that file as a .PHP.

Anyone expecting anything beyond that is whistling in the wind.

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I recently re-inquired the same regarding Javascript after a few years, which was met by the similar crowd pushing back in the same way. It’s rather odd that such discussions are so adversely challenged by users considering todays modern web.

Not sure if you have it, or have used it, but Pinegrow runs javascript in its workspace window. I find that probably 70% of the time, I disable it, because it’s annoying trying to build the site when javascript is active.

You wouldn’t think this would be the case, but it’s actually so much easier, at least for me, to have the browser open on a second monitor running a live preview of the site, while being able to build in BSS on my main monitor with everything “dead” as it were. Especially with things that are triggered by hover, or stuff that runs on the background like particle.js. I would never want that running in the BSS workspace, even though it’s perfect to see it running in the browser on the other monitor while I’m working.

Not to sidetrack this thread, but that’s maybe a good usage case you mention having the ability to toggle Javascript on / off within the app so users have rendering of both static and dynamic options based upon individual needs.

Electron itself and security within it has come a long way since @martin made this comment more than four years ago. From that comment it seems the roadmap / hindrance was only security concerns back then, but still today? Other various Electron apps are doing JS nowadays so I’m not sure where the BSS developers currently stand with things.

He made a similar comment a bit later where he also commented on PHP support.

Sorry to be jumping to this discussion so late!

PHP support

We will not be adding PHP support to Bootstrap Studio. This is because PHP generates HTML, and there is no way to make this work with a visual drag and drop builder. The HTML of your page needs to come from one place - either it’s generated from the app when you drag and drop components, or from PHP when code is executed. If an editor were to have both, this would come with significant limitations, and in the end it won’t be good at either visual nor PHP editing.

It would be nice to have, of course, but it would ruin Bootstrap Studio as a visual editor.

Running JS in the app window

This is another thing we won’t be doing. JS will need to run in the same process as the Bootstrap Studio window. Electron can isolate the code, but a single while(1){} loop can block the entire thread and cause the application to freeze. Even if this is somehow solved, you still need to see JS errors, have a step by step debugger, write code in the console… Just use the browser preview.

RunJS does well, but maybe thats not apples to apples.

Usually things get better with time not regress, but if thats the new answer for BSS then ok. :rofl: