Version 6.2.0 is out!

Bootstrap Studio v6.2.0 is here and it brings a much-requested feature. You can check out the highlights here:


  • A new Bootstrap 5 template was added, called “Startup Modern”. You can find it in the New Design dialog.
  • Custom Code can now be converted back into components. Just right-click it and choose Convert to Components.
  • A new Check for Issues tool was added, which scans your designs for common problems. Access it from File > Check for Issues.
  • Scrollspy options were added to the Body and other components, so you can easily construct single page websites with updating navbar links on scroll.


  • The built-in animation libraries now respect the “Use CDN” export option.
  • JavaScript files, fonts and linked assets can now be disabled.
  • Export notifications were improved and now display the active step in the export process.
  • Bootstrap was updated to version 5.2.2
  • Google fonts were updated with the latest families.


  • Fixed an issue with incorrect YouTube URLs in the Responsive Embed component.
  • Minor bugfixes and optimizations.

As always, we hope you enjoy the new features and improvements. We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions! If you find any bugs, be sure to let us know.


Custom code converting sounds great :+1: and the error checker looks great. Thanks for the updates as ever

Wow, thanks for much for the update. No CDN links anymore. This makes Bootstrap Studio so much more usable with the darn GDRP in place. Thank you, thank you, thank you! :slight_smile:

Outstanding! Thank you for fixing the YouTube URL issue so quickly. That will save me a lot of headaches. Scrollspy is awesome and the video summary is a very nice touch.

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Awesome updates, can’t wait to use them!

Thank You. The additions are very useful, what a great program!

I am wondering about how the custom code changing to components functions. Mostly because it creates a billion (ok exaggeration lol) “divs” (even tried it on a full page and it worked, just not in a practical way lol with everything changing to “divs”).

Basically I want to change a component that has rows and columns in it, from custom code to HTML. Won’t this lose any/all settings that are in the columns and rows? Or does the app add attributes to the “divs” to make up for it?

Mostly I want to know so I know what to change or not change if I swap out all the divs for the rows/cols that were originally there.

When parsing Custom Code, the app tries to guess which components your HTML represents. If it doesn’t find a suitable match it will fallback to a div. If you have rows and columns, the app will recognize them, and activate the correct options relative to the class names that are present in the tags.

You can safely try converting your Custom Code - you can undo afterwards.

ok cool thanks @Martin, I’ll give it a whirl!

Hey guys nice work on the top bar :grin:

The new Startup Modern design has some little overlaps between the Contacts & FAQ pages

What @agoza means is that in the new Startup Modern template, if you customize the template and add the FAQ page, it creates a link in the navigation that reads, “Contacts”.

Simple enough to change, but from a template perspective, it should have the probably read “FAQ.”

The navbar-shrink JavaScript effect being used on the Startup Modern template has issues. The way it causes the heading text to fade out when you scroll does not look correct when the screen width is at 992 pixels and above. Because the navigation menu background is transparent, you can see the text intrude into the navigation items before it fades out. It’s sort of flashes briefly as you scroll.

Seems like the navigation menu needs to have a solid background color added when you scroll, (as opposed to being transparent) so you don’t see this interference. Here’s what I mean…


After this update the smart-forms doesn’t work when previewing the design in the browser. The smart-form.min.js is empty, it works when publishing or export the design.
Is that meant to be like that now?

@printninja @kuligaposten Thank you for the reports! We will release fixes later this week.